Company Party
Tried & True
JuggleMania banquet shows regularly receive standing ovations and have worked for audiences as diverse as The International Society of Neurological Surgeons and the National Congress of Clowns of America as well as Nike, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Boeing, and so on.

"At first I thought, 'A juggler?' Now I know why Rhys was recommended."
- Boeing, Anaheim

Something Different
JuggleMania is the "Something Different" you were looking for. Think of it as stand up comedy that doesn't stand still.

Want Interactive? Rhys chops celery out of an executive's mouth while juggling. Don't worry, none have ever "lost face" in a JuggleMania show. But, just in case, we've got millions in liability insurance.
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Two decades of entertainment experience makes Rhys very adaptable. JuggleMania can be performed in any reasonable banquet room or on any stage, just plug in my mic and turn up the lights.

And don't worry if your company isn't a Fortune 500 giant, JuggleMania performs for all sizes from International Conglomerates to Mom & Pops.
A Sampling of Clients
Television & Film 
NBC / Disney Movie of the Week 
Live Worldwide From AT&T Bell Labs 
Burgerville & Hewlett Packard Commercials
Japanese National TV 
Real TV
News Shows in OR, WA, ARK, CA, etc. 
Corporate Events 
Boeing (Seattle and Anaheim)
Cellular One
Mentor Graphics 
Intel Pentium IV Release Party 
Oregon Realtors Association 
Automatic Data Processing 
Manza Resorts, Japan 
ANA Resorts International 
Bank of America 
Sysco Systems 
Meetings Professionals International
U.S. West Dex
Seagate, Los Angeles
Fleming Foods
Virginia Mason Hospital
Meier & Frank
Lucky Distributing

Conventions & Trade Shows 
Intl. Congress of Neuro Surgeons 
Intl. Convention Clowns of America 
National Natural Products Expo. 
National Outdoor Products Expo.
European Jugglers Convention
International Jugglers Association 
Concerts & Misc. 
Opener for Weird Al Yankovic, Weird Al Gore, & Leon Redbone 
Ambiance for James Taylor, Grateful Dead, Pink MartiniMovies.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

Now that’s interactive!