Daredevil Comedy
Rhys Thomas has packed houses in solo and duo concerts for theaters across the Pacific Northwest and Canada. 

JuggleMania is often compared to a Pixar movie because it’s family entertainment that actually appeals to the whole family. 

In a duo show with multi-instrumentalist "Shoehorn," Rhys multi-tasks with one of the most versatile musicians in the world. 

As a solo, Rhys has opened for many national stars including The Smothers Brothers, Leon Redbone, Weird Al Yankovic and Weird Al Gore.

JuggleMania with Shoehorn Video

Sure, the kids don't get the joke about bowl spinning being "the trick that killed Ed Sullivan" and they miss the sly political reference about the audience moving "a little to the left", but they get more than their parents think they should. The older kids love the Chinese yoyo tricks and the way Rhys careens to the edge of the stage on his 6' tall "suicycle." All the kids want to volunteer for the ball spinning "filler act." For some reason, the youngest especially love the ball dropping routine. And everybody's on the edge of their seats as Rhys juggles 4 machetes barefoot atop the ladder of swords.
Add to that the music of Shoehorn as he weaves jazz, world beat, rock, classical and hip hop soundscapes for Rhys' handstands, acrobatic ladder play, storytelling, ropewalking and escape artistry. Tap and sax are his loves, but Shoehorn also charms rhythms and tunes out of piano, clarinet, drums, childrens' toys and his patented electronic "E-Tap" midi invention.
Artistic Praise 
from those who know
"Professional and artistic excellence." 
- Portland Metro Arts Council

"An afternoon of joy."
- Great Artist Series 
(Camas, WA)

"Another thrilling juggling performance from the master!."
-Kirkland Performance Center (Kirkland, WA)

"A quick wit and real chemistry with the audience."
- San Juan Community Theatre (WA)

"An invaluable resource to our nation's youth"
- Washington State Centennial Commission

"A great emcee"
- Admiral Theatre (Bremerton, WA)

"Wowed the crowd. A standing ovation"
- SW WA Youth Philharmonic
"It was nice having so much response from the community before the show."
- Mtn. Home Arts Council (Idaho)

- Buhl Arts Council (Idaho)

"One of our favorite New Vaudevillians 
because he reminds us of us." 
- Flying Karamazov Brothers