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Stage or Street


JuggleMania is a modular stage show that can tailor length and style for banquets, festivals, misc. events and even street.


Most clients just want good clean fun. Some clients have JuggleMania deliver a motivational or content specific message (usually about multitasking - duh). 


Most shows are 45 minutes long and highlight at least 5 audience members as successful assistants.

Easy to produce, JuggleMania is very adaptable and can even provide sound and lights.
Plus we're fully insured (and have never had to use it).

It's not rocket surgery. It's a reliably good time you can easily add to your event.

We offer a never fail formula that’s been enjoyed from the Smithsonian Institution to the International Congress of Neurological Surgeons, from Mediterranean cruise ships to Singaporean shopping malls, from Arabian stages to American theaters, festivals, schools and corporate banquets.

"Professional and artistic excellence" - Portland Arts Council

"Extremely funny" - SEE Magazine (Canada)

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